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Zoely 2.5mg/1.5mg x 168


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Purchase Zoely 2.5mg/1.5mg x 168 in Wien right now. Zoely 2.5mg/1.5mg x 168 in Wien is a combined oral contraceptive pill that is almost 100% effective in protecting against pregnancy. Containing oestrogen and progestogen, it means that the hormones used in this contraceptive pill are similar to the hormones naturally produced during a woman’s menstrual cycle. As a result the side effects experienced whilst taking this contraceptive treatment are relatively low. Zoely 2.5mg/1.5mg x 168 in Wien however available for daily intake and it also carries a lower risk of clotting the blood compared to other hormonal contraceptives with synthetic estrogen. It is possible to buy Zoely 2.5mg/1.5mg x 168 in Wien online safely and securely from Meds4all. Once you select this medication, simply complete the free online consultation form which will then be reviewed by one of our registered doctors to ensure that this medication is safe for you. Upon approval, a prescription will be sent to the pharmacy and your Zoely 2.5mg/1.5mg x 168 in Wien pill will be sent to you within 24 hours.

  • Effective contraceptive pill with natural estrogen
  • Does not alter the body's menstrual balance.
  • Reduced chance of side effects.
  • Reduces the flow and menstrual pain.

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